Clare Unsworth

Filmmaker, photographer.

I'm a freelance filmmaker and photographer, based in the UK.


I have worked on everything from elaborate fiction films to poetic documentary and art film. In 2013, I began offering promotional video work through my production company, Foxbite Media, through which I have made work for organisations including the National Trust, the Creative Foundation and Shepway Green Party.


I thrive in the making of short portrait-based films about emotive and sometimes difficult topics. I am particularly motivated by the communicative power that film is able to offer, and love bringing this to collaborative projects with other artists. Over the last few years I have been working in this way extensively with spoken word poet, Leah Thorn, with great success. You can find links to some of our work below.


I'm also a keen photographer and often produce stills alongside my film-work. Over the years I have particularly enjoyed doing the occasional portrait session. You can see some of my photographic work in my gallery.


Mar '18 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR - Older Women Rock! The Documentary

Feb '17 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR - Stress is a Killer - music video with Church or Jungle

Mar '16 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR - 'shhh!' - short film with Leah Thon

Aug '15 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR - 'count' - short film with Leah Thorn

Jul '14 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR - She Said - short film

Sep '13 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR - Cutting Loose - music video with Maya Miko

Sep '12 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR - Dead Calm - entry for Sigur Rós' Valtari Mystery Film Experiment

May '12 - DIRECTOR/WRITER/EDITOR - 'Engelbones' - short film

Dec '11 - DIRECTOR/WRITER/EDITOR 'Birdcage' - short film

Nov '11 - DIRECTOR/CAMERA/EDITOR 'Write' short film commissioned by Fitzwilliam Museum



Apr '14 - PRODUCTION MANAGER - 'Two Evacuees' Directed by Nicola Dove

Oct '13 - RUNNER - Brand Anonymous

Jun '12 - RESEARCHER/PRODUCTION ASSISTANT - 'The Golden Window' Directed by Shreepali Patel

May '12 - EDITOR - 'Paper Boat' (short film) Directed by Ozgur Karakaya

April '12 - 1ST AD - 'Capsule' (short film) Directed by Eric Crociquia



Feb '18 - Profound Sound Festival - 2017, 2018

Jan '18 - Emily Peasgood's 'Halfway to Heaven' Promo (youtube)

Jan '18 - Emily Peasgood's 'Halfway to Heaven' Live (youtube)

May '17 - Normal? Festival of the Brain promo - 2015, 2016, 2017

Sep '16 - Nina Clark's Musical Walkabout (vimeo)

Jul '16 - Partnerships in Care recruitment video

Mar '16 - WOW Folkestone promo - 2015, 2016

May '15 - Susannah Howard's 'Crackpot' promo (youtube)

May '15 - Shepway Green Party campaign video (youtube)

Jun '14 - Kent Foundation For Young Entrepeneurs promo (youtube)

Sep '13 - Make Lunch Not Waste Campaign Video (youtube)

Sep '13 - EFT Practitioner training testimonials (vimeo)

Jun '13 - Folkestone in Transition Co-operative Society (vimeo)

Jun '13 - H.G. Wells Festival promo (youtube)

May '13 - ABC Simple As Medical Phobias Video (vimeo)

May '13 - Kick the Dieting Habit Homepage video (vimeo)

May '13 - Transition Hythe Litter Picking - (youtube)

Apr '13 - Folkestone in Transition Pleasure Garden Theatre (youtube)

Feb '13 - National Trust, Anglesey Abbey conservation video (youtube)

Jan '13 - National Trust, Wimpole Hall conservation video (youtube)

Dec '12 - Migrant Help corporate Video

April '12 - DIRECTOR/EDITOR - CB beer promo (vimeo)

Feb '11 - DIRECTOR/EDITOR - NHS "Squash Stigma" campaign video

Oct '10 - EDITOR - World Study Solutions promotional video



Contact me at unsworth.clare@gmail.com