Clare is a Folkestone-based art filmmaker, who has been collaborating with artists, communities and arts organisations for 12 years to produce short films exploring mental health, social inequality and the power of creativity; often drawing on their lived experience of mental health challenges. Striving to always work with curiosity and care, they have been developing their artistic practice with a socially conscious, community-minded approach to projects, participants and collaborators. Poetic, poignant and sometimes playful, their film work gently explores human experience to acknowledge and demystify darkness with an eye to letting go of fear and encouraging connection.

“My practice is about taking the time and care to look and listen more deeply - to each other, to the world around us and to ourselves. I’m particularly interested in how features of human perception limit our ability to communicate and understand each other and how these limitations can isolate us into patterns of loneliness and introversion. Using the immersive, sensory qualities of film we can open up these delicate internal worlds with curiosity and tenderness to find mutual understanding and deepen our collective empathy. My work is driven by the hope that we can all use the transformative power of art to help us to collectively understand and navigate our lives in a more connected way and in doing so experience a deeper sense of self-acceptance and belonging. Parallel to this, I hope that my work reflects my own sense of wonder with the everyday beauty and magic of the chaotic universe that we live in.”

Outside of their film practice, Clare works at Prospect Cottage in Dungeness and quotes Derek Jarman on a daily basis.


Since 2012, Clare has made community arts documentation under the name Foxbite Media.

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